Netlify + Gatsby - Staging not working


I have deployed several Gatsby apps to Netlify but the latest error could not be resolved. Kindly looking forward to a helping hand.

The app has several active branches on Github and one of them is labeled ‘staging’. According to the Docs the staging was added via Build & Deploy. With all branches deployed the site is not visible when entering the URL staging–

Hey there, @66b5109e41d3973e4b6f :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums. When I attempt to access your site using the URL you shared, I appear to be redirected. Because of this, you could start by checking out your redirects file. Check out this screenshot:

If that doesn’t get you on the right track, please respond with your most recent deploy log as well as your build settings so that we can look into this further.