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Netlify Functions stopped working on some deployed sites: "500: currently unable to handle this request"

I deploy several sites from the same GitHub repo. For about a year, these sites have been actively used by customers.

Since this morning, however, two of the sites stopped working out of the blue. I have started seeing errors for all functions like this one shared below.

The broken website is https://club-membership-bs.netlify.app, but https://club-membership-rb.netlify.app works as expected (for now…).

My last deployment was several days ago, and on other sites this request works as expected.
Netlify function logs do not show any data after 9:30am CST, and the deploys were all successful. Hitting a route with a non-existing function gives a 404, but any existing function gives a 500.

I am concerned because I cannot see what would be different between these two sites, so I cannot be sure that my remaining one won’t go down as well… this would significantly disrupt our business.
Is there a reasonable explanation for this sudden disruption, and can anyone suggest a fix?

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I’m experiencing the same with some of my sites. 500 errors on lambdas with no code changes deployed. There appears to be some sort of outage since this morning.

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Exacttly the same here…
Everything worked perfectly and it stopped suddenly

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Same here. No visible logs and 500 errors across all 14 functions. Tried redeploying (successfully) but no change

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Hello folks! Thanks so much for reaching out. We have surfaced this to Support Team and are investigating. I will follow up on this thread when I have further information.


Same issue here. I have been troubleshooting for 6 hours thinking it was a “me” issue. Now, to undo everything I’ve done :thinking:

  • Everything works on localhost running netlify-lambda serve

hi there @lilbigwheel - that is very frustrating indeed. We are working on figuring out what is going on as fast as we can. stay tuned.

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can everyone who is in this thread and is reporting issues let me know your API ID (safe to share) or your netlify site name please? thank you

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API ID = a99c5a60-8e1c-4528-8ceb-b142547be78c



API ID : 6d3beb10-1079-4201-b05d-5ef36adbaa57


if anyone can directly link us to some functions that are not working, that would also be very helpful, thank you :netliheart:

Mine is working again.

Same. Mine just started working again. I would love to know what was the root cause


Yay, so glad things are working again. (please let us know if you have functions that are NOT working). We rolled back some code - still working on investigating why that code caused problems, but the main thing is that you are back up.