Netlify Functions / Marketing Automation Subscriber Lists

I want to know how I can use a Netlify function to add a subscriber (Name and Email) to my marketing automation software (Aweber, Activecampaign, Infusionsoft etc) and I can find nothing online that will show me how to do this. I have found a number of links that show you how to send an email but not add a name and email to a list. I am not a back end guy (barely know what I am doing on the front end) which is why I am looking at Netlify and the Netlify CMS. I am stuck in Wordpress Hell and looking for a way out but cannot move on without being able to add contacts to numerous marketing automation platforms via cloud functions etc. I clearly want to avoid using a signup form provided by the marketing automation platform and go wit creating my own form. Likewise - I do not want to be limited using a tool like Zapier (I don’t want to pay for Zapier).

For the life of me I cannot figure out why this information isn’t easy to find. I would think this is something large numbers of people would want to do and that someone/ somewhere would have something on this already.

hi there, welcome.

this is specific to mailchimp, but might show some approaches that could be a useful starting point: