Netlify functions _ipx being repeatedly called -- not using it at all

Here’s my website:

The functions _ipx is constantly running and failing, although I am not using next/image anywhere in my site, so it shouldn’t be called at all.

I want to get this fixed because it looks like it’s going to burn through thousands of function calls a day! I tried to go back to the earliest version of my site (just the default template) and it was still giving this error.

For now, to get around it, I reverted my nextjs-runtime plugin to V3, which doesn’t use IPX. My site is pretty small and there aren’t many images (and the ones on the site are a few kb in size so I’m fine without IPX), but I was just wondering if anyone might know the cause of this issue.

Hi @awinters7,

Thanks for the feedback. We’re aware about this and the devs are already trying to work out a solution to tackle this issue.

However, if you’re using a static Next.js build, you might as well use next build && next export to skip using the functions altogether.

We won’t recommend using version 3 for the long term as it was understood to be messy and thus, version 4 was re-written from scratch.

Copy that thank you for the reply!

Where would I change it to do that? Would I change my netlify.toml file and/or uninstall the plugin?

Do what? Upgrade the plugin or change the build command?

Sorry for the mixup, I meant to change the build command.

You mentioned skipping the functions all together which I’d like to do by using next build && next export.

I was wondering where I’d do that. My bad if any of this sounds confusing I’m new to the deployment side of web dev. Thanks!

No worries, just wanted to be sure I’m answering what you’re asking.

The above command that I suggested is only applicable if you’re using Next.js for static exports - that is, no SSR, no ISR, no API, fallback, preview mode, nothing of that sort. If that’s the case, you can go here: Netlify App, change the command to next build && next export and change the publish directory to out.

Ah gotcha that makes sense! And perfect–my site is completely static right now so that should work fine. Thanks for the quick replies!