Netlify Function has slow download speed

Hi there,

I’m trying to setup a netlify function which downloads some data in JSON format from an API, and sends it to an external service (Algolia)

The problem is the data to be downloaded is 18MB, and it seems that the netlify functions download speed is not high enough to not time out before the 10 second limit.

I’ve tested some file sizes and it seems that 3MB download is the limit for downloading to a netlify function while it’s executing.

Would there be any way to have the time limit on my netlify function increased or the internet speed increased?

Kind regards

The netlify app is at

Hey @nikolaj_adf,

I’d recommend 2 ways about this:

  1. If the JSON file doesn’t frequently change (could be a static file), bundle it with your function during the build time OR
  2. If the file frequently changes, it would mean it’s some kind of an API - so you should be controlling or be able to control how much data is being sent over the wire, in short, try requesting lesser data.

If none of that works, there’s a pro and above feature in which we can increase the time limit of the function to 26 seconds. You can also look into Background Functions, but that’s an pro and above feature too.