Netlify forums login screen doesn't look right

The login modal for the forums is not rendering correctly on macOS using Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

It is still usable, just doesn’t work great.

Thank you for reporting. This is being worked on.

This should now be fixed.

I’ve checked all three browsers again.

Opera looks great (save for the difference in button sizes on the login form)

Firefox and Safari not so great

Based on this table: text-wrap - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN (, the support for text-wrap: balance is available in Firefox. Try updating the browser. As for Safari, it will take its sweet time to catch-up.

I might have to look into an alternative CSS property till then.

EDIT: Looks like white-space would do the trick.

Should be fixed on all browsers that support white-space: normal.

Yep, looks good now :slight_smile:

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