Netlify Forms: Notifying Different Emails based on Input

I am setting up the contact form for a business that has 2 locations. They want the form submission to only go to the manager of the location the client is enquiring about.

I want to have a dropdown where people select ‘Location A’ or ‘Location B’ and then based off that the notification would go to or How would I set that up?

@gamwebsites I don’t see any indication of this being a core feature of the system, but I’d imagine you can achieve it using the Zapier integration.

Thanks I will take a look at those.

I was actually able to find a solution (not sure if most optimal). I had the form name value be a variable and that changes based off the dropdown.

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@gamwebsites That’s a great solution, so you’ve set up two different forms, with the same inputs, that go to different locations, and then because you can’t change “who gets the notification” you then instead change “which form it is”.

Exactly! Wasn’t too difficult to setup just a little JavaScript to switch the name of the variable based off the form for that location.

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