Netlify Forms 404 - How to debug?

OK Guys, I’ve run into a weird issue regarding netlify forms and Gatsby. I have a netlify form working just fine under one account, which I am using for development.

On the dev account, I see my form in the dashboard and can get submissions just fine. However, I am migrating the site to a client, and they wanted it to be hosted under their own repo/account. No problem, I just forked my old repo and hosted it to a new netlify account.

But now, all of a sudden, my form doesn’t work! It throws a 404 when I try to submit, and I don’t see it in the forms dashboard. The code from both repos is exactly the same!

Here is a link to my form component:

I’ve removed my service worker from gatsby, and clearing my cache doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any ideas what’s going on?

Hi there,

Did you check out this article about debugging forms?

In it you’ll see that a 404 means one of two things:

  1. we did not find your form at all, so we return a 404 to its POST’s since that is our default POST response unless you proxy the URL in question, OR we are pre-configured to handle the form.
  2. you submitted to a URL that doesn’t match your acton=/path parameter (which is optional - but if you specify it, you’ll want to make sure there is something there to serve)