Netlify Form works in Prod, but not in Netlify Dev

I’m not sure if Netlify Forms are supposed to work locally (using Netlify Dev), but they won’t for me.

Is it possible? At the very least, I want it to show the success message (default or custom via action attribute). I don’t need it to save the data, but the current experience is that it hangs, waiting for a response it’s never going to get. Or it crashes Netlify Dev.

I have searched so many threads and the documentation sites and I can’t seem to find much on this.

Here’s the form:

<form data-netlify="true" action='/brandname/thanks' method='POST' name='outage-generic' novalidate>
  <label for="text-input-normal-Email">What is your e-mail address?</label>
  <input maxlength="75" id="text-input-normal-Email" name="Email" type="email">

  <button type="submit">Receive Notification</button>

Hi @erikwoods, Netlify Forms are currently unsupported in Netlify Dev. There is an open issue that I recommend you chime in on to help surface it:

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you. I’ve commented on the issue.

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