Netlify Form not submitting and leading to a 404 page error

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with my static Netlify Forms in
which is a Nuxt website.

Each time I’m submitting this form for example:

it leads to a 404 error thanks page:

When I reload this thanks page, it’s not in 404 anymore.

I’ve checked the guide:

but I can’t see what I’m missing here.

Thanks a lot for your help,


@David_Gourdet Here’s the debugging guide that Netlify tend to link to:

Hopefully something in there can get you unstuck!

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@nathanmartin thanks, but I’ve already read this page and checked all points, without success.

Sorry, just noticed you’d actually linked it in your original post!

I just know Netlify usually direct there, since the goal is to have customers self-solve and avoid their engineers debugging client sites, since it’s outside of their Scope of Support.

I couldn’t spot what you were doing wrong myself, but I don’t use Netlify Forms, and most of the people I see having issues with it are using systems like Nuxt where the forms aren’t in plain HTML for the Netlify post-processing to access.

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Thanks @nathanmartin.
Well I know it was working, it’s weird.
I’ve made some changes that are not directly related to the forms and it’s not working anymore.

@nathanmartin I’ve found the solution : there was a fieldset element between my form tag and the input hidden form-name field (which is required with Vue/Nuxt). It has to be right after the form tag :slight_smile:

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Hi @David_Gourdet,

Thanks for following up and letting us know how you were able to resolve the issue. I hope you have a great day!

Hi @Melvin, thanks, you too!