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A few years ago I wrote a children’s book that I would now like to put on the web as a multi-media presentation using Netlify. Will the Netlify CMS accept the following types of input: normal text, png and jpg images, animations, audio and video?

As a matter of fact, could the whole website be created using a Netlify theme and the CMS? Or would a significant amount of HTML, CSS and JS work still be required? Would an SSG be required?


Netlify CMS can edit JSON and markdown files, so you need to have somekind of SSG to output HTML/CSS/JS.
Netlify CMS can handle text, png, jpg, and audio and video is handled the same way as the images, meaning they will be uploaded to the same directory which you can reference later in you documents while editing.

There plenty of starter options you can use with, i would recomend using or eleventy SSG, they are easier to learn and very robust SSGs.

If you plan to stick with NetlifyCMS you can check and for more option
If you plan to stick with Hugo check
If you plan to stick with

In any case i don’t you’ll find something which is completely satisfies all your requirements, so be prepared that you need to write some custom code, especially if you need animation. But in any case Netlify (and NetlifyCMS) should be able to handle all your requirements!

@Engine44, I don’t think the CMS has any built in handling for animations. If you want custom animations for your site, those you would need to create them using some other tool or library.

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