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Netlify Draw disable

Is it possible to disable the drawer in the config file? It’s not in the docs.

I really don’t want to click through all our sites (50 odd) to change the setting via the GUI.

Also, is it possible to get the drawer icon to be on the left edge of the screen again? It seems to now be stuck to the bottom edge which uses more precious space that on the left on desktop.

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Hi there, @slim

Can you share a screenshot of where you are seeing the drawer icon now? I would like to pass this on to the team!

Additionally, at the moment, you can only disable the drawer via the Netlify UI. That being said, I have alerted the team that you have asked and I have also shared this thread with them. Is there any additional information you would like to share about why this would be beneficial for you?

Thanks again for reaching out and sharing your thoughts and feedback with us! I really appreciate it. :netlisparkles:

It takes up the entire bottom of the browser window (Firefox on Windows) whereas it used to be a small “button” on the left of the screen. I now see I can shrink it which is much better.

For info, I always have my windows task bar on the left edge of my monitor (landscape oriented) as there’s less width consumed than height if at bottom. I’m very annoyed that Windows 11 has removed ability this so was a bit over sensitive :slight_smile:

I get it that where ever it is it’s likely to cover something :slight_smile: But being able to move between left and bottom would be a “nice to have”.


Hey there, @slim

Thanks for your patience here. You should be able to click on the drawer and then drag and drop it to a new location in your window. Have you tried doing this? What happens when you attempt it?