Netlify domain name showing in google search but not custom domain

Hi All,

I have the netlify site:

I have a custom domain of:

I have changed my nameserver details as per netlify instructions.

I have spent a lot of time on making sure the site is SEO friendly and before I bought a custom server the site was showing up great in search engines. Now I have changed it over and the site still shows up however does not list at all. Not even when I type into the google search bar which is very inconvenient when trying to market the website. as an address works but it is the ONLY way to access the site as it does not appear in search engines whatsoever, as if it does not exist. It is also set as the primary domain: - Default subdomain - Primary domain - Redirects automatically to primary domain

Any assistance with this would be extremely helpful as I am at a loss.

Many thanks in advance

Have you submitted your website to search engines?

@codecleaver Welcome to the Netlify community.

Two suggestions:

Add a redirect from your Netlify subdomain to your primary custom domain. You can do this either in your _redirects or netlify.toml file. This will look something like:* 301!* 301!

Second, add a meta tag to each of your pages identifying it as the canonical source for that information, using your primary custom domain in the URL. This will look something like:

<link href="" rel="canonical">

Thank you for posting this!

I have added the canonical links - much appreciated.

The _redirects.txt seems simple enough however it is not working for me and I hope you’ll be able to advise as to what I am doing wrong.

I copied your code that you kindly provided and this did nothing. Then following the syntax as per the documents I added: 301 301

I saved the redirects file in the project folder (I am using manual deploys, I am very new to webdev). It states root folder so I have the following folder structure:

The _redirects.txt file is in the correct place, is it not?

Thank you once again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Have you tried 301! instead of 301 in your _redirects file?

I have indeed and no change, unfortunately.

Was the file saved in the correct location?

You can download your most recent deploy to check that the _redirects file is at the top level.

You do know, don’t you, that just because you make a change on your site doesn’t mean that the search engines immediately respond? It can take weeks or even months for search engines to reflect changes. All you can do is set things up properly and wait them out, unless you are willing to pay for preferential positioning in search results.

I don’t wish to alarm you guys, but the file is supposed to be named _redirects and not _redirects.txt.

Also, @codecleaver didn’t yet answer if they have actually went ahead and submitted the websites to search engines as the Search Console is what would give you more insights as to why your website is not getting indexed.

@hrishikesh Thanks for stating that explicitly.