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Netlify does not work

Why you do not replace internal site links? Still have all links pointing to the GitLab.


Hi @vkireyeu

Netlify will build the code in your git repository using the build command you specify. It will not replace anything.

I am assuming you are talking about the links on your page which point to vkireyeu.gitlab.io. Are you able to share the repository you are building from so the community can assist?

I use everywhere relative links, e.g. /page/link1 etc. The only place where domain name appears is in the Hugo main config file. So, if I modify it there then the site on Netlify probably will work as expected, but the site on the GitLab will not work properly anymore.
So, what’s the point to use Netlify if GitLab provides exactly the same service but simpler and without inconvenient stuff for zoomers like Discourse etc? I tried to find new place for our research group web and tested it on my personal site, but it’s…

So many levels disgusting.

You mean the domain vkireyeu.gitlab.io is in the hugo config file? This is likely why all the links on your site use the gitlab URL as that is what you are instructing hugo to do.

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