Netlify does not recognize that my domain is using it's own Nameservers

Hey Netlify Community!

I’ve been using Netlify’s Free Tier to host static websites from GitHub.
I recently noticed that I am unable to reach my website,

On the Netlify portal next to my domain, it says, “Awaiting External DNS”

even though on my Domain Registrar my nameservers are set to Netlify’s.

What I found interesting, is that when visiting, it states that my MX records, NS, and TXT records are showing properly, but all other records simply don’t show at all. Even though they don’t show, some of my subdomains are still able to resolve. For example, is still pointing and loading the CDN. Even throughout this, I still can’t reach my main website.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you all so much for your continued support to others in the forum!

Hi @NoahsMedia,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear about the issue.

I’ve made a change on our end and you should be all set now. Please do let us know if you continue to have issues. Thanks!