Netlify DNS Subdomain not working

Hai, I have 2 apps Main and Dev app.
Main App URL =
Dev App URL =

Both are in different accounts. I configured DNS in main app such that points to Main app. DNS is managed in main app. I want to point to Dev App. What should I do ?

I tried creating CNAME record [beta] in main app pointing to dev app URL [] But didn’t work.
I tried creating custom domain in dev app with “” but it throws error it is used by another app and it makes sense I am using it another app.
Any suggestions would help. Thank you.

It’s not possible to use the same domain with two different Netlify accounts on Netlify, it has been suggested to allow it, and perhaps some day they might implement it, but at this time, you can’t.

It might be possible for staff to override it, pushing some buttons to force it, but besides that, it’s not possible.

You can read a little bit about it here Remove the restriction disallowing a domain to be used by more than one account - Features - Netlify Support Forums

Hi @saijayaprakash,

You could do that when you’re having both the websites in the same account. If you wish, we could transfer the website to one account. Let us know if that works for you.

@hrishikesh If it is possible like how @freddy mentioned with different accounts it would be great. If it is not possible, please move the dev app to Main App. and please make sure that it doesn’t affect the Main app.

Hey @saijayaprakash I see you have an open support ticket for this and we have already responded there. Please follow-up in the support ticket and we will be happy to complete the transfer.