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Netlify DNS Loading Super Slow - How do I troubleshoot?

I am using Netlify DNS with a custom domain. Everything looks correct in the DNS settings:

However, when I use testmysite.io, notice the performance change between the (pxr.netlify.app) subdomain and the primary DNS (mrpaulxavier.com):

Why do suppose it is performing so poorly?

I’m low key panicking because it is imperative that this loads quickly due to marketing dollars. The site barely loads on mobile and 80% of our traffic comes from mobile.

Hi, @JohnnyK. I don’t think it is actually performing differently and that there is something wrong with the testmysite.io site itself.

For example, if I test using PageSpeed Insights from Google, I see no difference between the netlify.app subdomain version and the custom domain version of the site:


I would recommend using that tool above to test the site speed and not use testmysite.io.

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