Netlify DNS adds domain to certain DNS records automatically

Here’s my domain:
The toplevel domain,’s nameservers are managed by Netlify, as well as the domain’s DNS

I am trying to configure netlify DNS with some SRV and TXT entries for example:

Type: TXT
Name: mail._domainkey

But netlify ends up saving the DNS as follows:

Type: TXT

Which is obviously quite not the desired result and ends up throwing errors in my server for DNS configuration

The same happens with SRV records too so Im confused. Do note that im kind of new to DNS so bare with me here!

Edit: It appears, this behavior is same for CNAME too

Hi @buoyantair Welcome to the Netlify community.

This is correct.

Some systems automatically add the domain, some do not. Here’s an example from Mailchimp (Set Up Email Domain Authentication) Note the In the case of Netlify, you need only enter the k2._domainkey as the domain is added by them.

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