Netlify Dev versus Hugo Serve CSS Inconsistencies

Curious if anyone has experienced a similar issue… I can successfully render my site locally when running hugo serve (including CSS and JS treatment(s)), e.g. site renders as expected; however, when running under netlify dev the site renders absent CSS and JS treatment even though inspection indicates the CSS and JS are both accessible, albeit called under 1313 (Hugo’s default port).

Without having any source code to look at, it’s difficult to guess the cause.

Maybe something is wrong with baseURL config, or you’re using .Permalink instead of .RelPermalink, or fingerprinting the files and those assets are changing.

Thanks! Indeed, I am fingerprinting the CSS and JS. I’m assuming that is the issue when running Netlify CLI versus Hugo?

Your browser’s console would say for sure if that’s the real problem.

Thanks! The CSS is accessible via Web Inspector, so I’ll see if removing fingerprinting makes a difference.