Netlify dev + SSL + Mac OS = Deno error

I have a project running locally over SSL on localhost, using edge functions. Self signed certificate is specified in [dev.https] section of netlify.toml. The root CA was added to the system. DENO_TLS_CA_STORE = “system” is included in the env variable.

This runs fine on Windows / WSL Ubuntu, but not on Mac OS. Deno throws an UnknownIssuer error on every request, even though the root CA is in the key chain, trusted, and the browser validates it just fine.

Any ideas? Is there any way to add the --unsafely-ignore-certificate-errors=localhost argument to the deno command? That would greatly simplify project configuration.

Hi @slegay welcome back :wave:t6: this seems to be a known issue. I’m not sure if this will work but you could try the following:

export DENO_TLS_CA_STORE=system

You probably also want this in your .bash_profile as well.