Netlify dev --live no longer creating live tunnel

So up until today everything has been working as expected. However, now whenever I run netlify dev --live it just runs the dev server at my local url and no longer spins up the tunneling service and live url. Here is a screen shot:

I tried restarting, updating netlify cli, etc. and nothing seems to work. Wifi is a little slow today but not horrible. Not sure if that has anything to do with it?

Actually after sorting through some things, I see that the tunnel actually is being created but the message notifying of the public url is being hidden:

Sometimes I can’t even see the connected message. Remove bundle analyzer doesn’t help. Not sure where to begin looking for a solution here?

I’d suggest filing a bug on the CLI with these details here:

I suspect that one of the gurus will either see the problem or ship a quick fix :slight_smile:

Already did thanks ->

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