Netlify deploy --prod stuck after pressing enter

I am using git bash and the when I type the command and press enter it just stuck and nothing happened for 15 min now. Whats the best way to fix it.

Hi @ArunTeltia

Cab you share a couple of screenshots on this, please?

Do you see the build reaching your dashboard? If so, what state is it in?

check this

Its stuck here for an hour now

Thank you for that. How about your Netlify dashboard? Do you see the build appearing there?

are you talking about this

Netlify’s robots are busy deploying your site to our CDN.

It showing this on deploying for 2 hours now

Any update please ??

Hey @ArunTeltia

Sorry about taking so long. What I meant was if there was any build going on. If so , can you cancel them all and try issuing the command with debug option:

netlify deploy --prod --debug

Hope this helps!