'netlify deploy' deploys empty site

I made a small change to one file and did a preview deploy with ‘netlify deploy’. The command responded with

Finished hashing 1 files,
CDN requesting 0 files,
Finished uploading 0 assets,
Draft deploy is live.

This happened very fast. The log shows:
5:42:41 PM: Starting post processing
5:42:41 PM: Post processing done
5:42:41 PM: Site is live

When I visit the preview site I get a ‘Page Not Found’ error on the home page and every other page that I try.

I updated netlify-deploy but see no change.

I’ve been deploying my site like this for a long time now and this behavior is new. Is there a way to clear the cache and deploy from the CLI?

netlify site: cmi-www

I appreciate your help!! Thanks


After modifying many files (about 150) I get the same messages from ‘netlify deploy’, No assets uploaded and the result is the same, an empty site.


I have a jekyll site and previously ‘netlify deploy’ knew to deploy the contents of the _site directory. Seems this has been forgotten.

I solved the problem with ‘netlify deploy -d _site’.

If anyone can explain this I’d be interested in learning what happened.

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