Netlify Custom subdomain - Coexist React.js site on Netlify and WordPress subdomain site on different domain

Hi guys, I built a website in reactjs (with gatsby) and host on Netlify. Is it possible to host reactjs site: and on Netlify, and WordPress site on different server: I setup custom domain: on Netlify DNS and pointed the A record to Netlify’s load balancer IP address:, I waited for some time but only got Not Found error on screen. I also tried other patterns, but got Not Found. Thanks.

Hi @shizu! Welcome to netlify community.

This might be your issue, its a common one for SPAs: [Common Issue] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”

If that doesn’t solve it, please reply with your site name so we can look at your settings. Thank you!

@shizu did you managed to solve this? I have a website with hosted on Netlify and another WordPress site self hosted with What I want is a bit different, I want a subfolder path to point to the

@laura Appreciate any suggestions