Netlify Custom Domain Inconsistent Crashing

I’ve been having a tough time with a custom domain crashing inconsistently. It will sometimes load, other times not load. Sometimes load on my phone, and sometimes won’t load on my desktop. Some friends can view it, while others won’t be able to view it at all.

It’s driving me a bit insane because this is all new to me so I have no idea why it sometimes works, and other times the site cannot be reached.

The generated name is:

It is always up on that domain, but the custom one, is the one thats inconsistent.

The build logs say no problems. Just says the site is live, however right now I can’t access it through the custom domain.

Hi @adaptimise,

Thanks for reaching out! Welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.

Checking the DNS configuration, I do see you are correctly configured for Netlify DNS. Visiting your site’s custom domains I’m unable to reproduce an issue. The site loads correctly and I’m able to navigate around the site. Cool site btw!

Are you still having issues? Could you provide steps to recreate the issue with the site crashing. Or could you provide a HAR recording of the issue. If the HAR recording isn’t possible the x-nf-request-id response headers would be the next best thing for troubleshooting.

Hi, thanks for the response and compliment on the site!

I enabled IPv6 and it hasn’t crashed since…so I’m not sure exactly what happened but it’s been steady for a few days now which is good.

I’ll let know you if it happens again.