Netlify Collections Escaping Characters

I’ve been reading the collections documentation and can’t find anything about escaping special characters like semi-colons.

After publishing to netlify, it would be ideal to wrap the front matter in double quotes to avoid inline character escaping.


title: Managing Challenges: The Hi's and Low's

How to get this?

title: "Managing Challenges: The Hi's and Low's"

Hmm, not too sure about the best way to do that, or if it is possible.

CMS is not under super active development, so I would try to find simple solutions to problems like these: try calling it “managing-challenges-the-highs-and-lows” instead :slight_smile:

Or, you could experiment with html escaping the special characters (spaces and apostrophes) with the appropriate %20 type codes, as that may work better.

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Thanks, I think I have verified how this is happening. Thanks for the html escaping solution.