Netlify CMS works with localhost but not when deployed to my site

I would like to use Netlify CMS to manage the content of my blog. First of all - thank you for that, it is a wonderful tool.

When developing the blog on localhost, I added the CMS under /admin without any problems - it just worked. I was about to modify test posts and the changes were reflected on my Github repository.

I finished the development and I am deploying the static site to my own server, under my domain. I do this by compiling the site and copying the result to a local directory through Github Actions (I do not think it matters for the question, but just in case).

I see my blog on and when attempt to load, I first get the “netlify cms” page with a “Login to GitHub” button.

When pressing this button, I Immediately get a popup page from with the message

No Auth Provider Found
Make sure you've configured the API credentials for Github from the **Access** part of your Netlify site dashboard.

(How is Netlify even in the authentication loop when my site is deployed on my own server?)

I found a very similar question Netlify CMS Github login doesn't work without localhost and the answer points to GitHub | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System, and step # 1 is “Follow the authentication provider setup steps in the Netlify docs”.

In these docs, the Github part was easy. I then have Use OAuth provider tokens on your site | Netlify Docs

And this is the place I am lost

Specifically: what is “your Netlify site”?

Should I register my site deployed on my server with Netlify? I do not remember doing that when developing the web site and I do not see any sites on my Netlify account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Wpq,

Netlify CMS needs the site to be deployed on Netlify (for using Git Gateway which is a feature of Netlify Identity). If you don’t wish to do that, you’d have to refer to: