Netlify cms with nuxt

Hi, not sure if here is the best place to ask the question and sorry in advance if it’s not. I
try to be short.
I am creating a blog in Nuxt with Netlify CMS.
I already created 2 different websites and they worked fine. Now with this one, when I “run npm run dev” it launches in the port 3000 and when I go to “/admin”, for moments it shows the screen of login with Netlify but before I can act it goes to display the message : " Unable to access identity settings. When using git-gateway backend make sure to enable Identity service and Git Gateway"

If i just open a new terminal and do it again ( it will launch in a different port) it works, I put the netlify link and I am on the backend. But I have to put it every time I launch it

Any idea what problem it might be? I already search but could’nt find something similar with this problem, I already clean the cache also but the same error persists
Thank you in advance

Can you provide more specific information? What site are you testing this on? Note that netlify cms needs to know what site it is associated with when using git-gateway. You can try setting a site_url in your config.yml file with your netlify site url.