Netlify CMS unable to load or save local data

I’ve just tried to share a Gatsby / Netlify CMS project with a colleague. The project works great on my machine. On hers, the CMS appears unable to load existing data. When navigating to edit a collection from the dashboard, we notice a SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input error in the browser console 5 times (we have 5 files in this collection). If we delete those files and attempt to create new data, we see API_ERROR: Unknown error / ENTRY_PERSIST_FAILURE: Failed to persist entry. We both have the proxy running in the same way, same version of Node etc. Any ideas as to why this might be the case would be much appreciated! Thanks, Simon

Hey @scam,
Very strange! Are these public repos you’d be willing to share?

In the meantime, I wonder if any of these errors descriptions match what your setup is?