Netlify CMS tutorial; Step 2 doesn't work

I’ve just wanted to try Netlify CMS. So I’ve started with Start with a Template and chose Next.js template.

I chose the Next.js template, I received an invitation email, I clicked to accept the invitation, I was redirected to “my site” but nothing happened. No popup window popped up. I can’t log in to the administration because I don’t have an activated account and I can’t activate it.

Without programming or even coding anything - just clicking buttons from tutorial - it didn’t even work. This is a very bad experience right from the start.

How can I walkaround it / active account without working popup from template? Thank you.

@jaxp Welcome to the Netlify community.

I just went through these same steps, but instead of getting a blank page I got a 404 error page.

Welcome to Netlify Community!

Do you have access to the code, or are you trying to complete the entire process without getting your hands dirty.

This seems like an easy fix logically, but you have not provided a Netlify Site link or a Git Repo, if you have one.

@kylesloper The OP is referring to the one-click install, which IIRC is supposed to give you a fully-functioning sample site based on whichever foundation code you select. In this case, everything seems to be going OK up until you try to log in via the link e-mailed to your account by Netlify, at which point the process breaks down.

I suppose one might be able to get into the Github repository and fix whatever coding issue there is, but that isn’t exactly one-click.

Thanks @gregraven I’ve never used ‘one-click’ with Netlify, perhaps it is an issue with the template that Netlify deploys? I’m not aware of the repo but if you have it then I could check it out.

It would still be useful to have a Netlify Site Link so we could check for the ‘missing’ script in there.


@kylesloper The site doesn’t load … only a blank page or a 404 page.

The one-click selections are here:

Yurp, doesn’t even finish building for me.

@jaxp This looks like the best place to create an issue. @gregraven will tell me if not :joy:

EDIT: I cancelled the build and its somehow working now, although I’m experiencing the same issue you are that when an invite is sent there is no popup.

@kylesloper Yep I’ve tried it without getting my hands dirty. I just wanted to try what it can do as long as I have different CMS. I pointed out that it can discourage people. Ty for info. I’ll create ticket.

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