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Netlify CMS - static file 404

I’ve taken one build…

Duplicated it to…

And yet, they’re built differently?

https://vonage-deved-platform.netlify.app/admin/ this works in production and with netlify dev
https://nuxt-starter-netlify-cms.netlify.app/admin/ this 404s… also 404s in netlify dev, but /admin/index.html works in netlify dev…

This is truly baffling me.

Note: It’s not an exact duplicate, but it’s about as close as it gets. It has the same nuxt config less some plugins, the same netlify.toml less plugins. It is a simplified version, yet builds differently.

code: https://github.com/Nexmo/deved-platform
starter app based on :point_up_2:: https://github.com/lukeocodes/nuxt-starter-netlify-cms

Not a Netlify CMS at all. A Nuxt bug! Thanks! :slight_smile: