Netlify-CMS Preview Pane: Render Mermaiod.JS?

Hey there!

I use Mermaid.JS a lot, and I also use Netlify-CMS, however since I use a shortcode (HUGO user) to create my Mermaid charts, they don’t render in the preview pane.

Is there any way to get this to work? I’ve added the necessary scripts for mermaid into the index.html file, but still no dice.

Is there anyway to get Netlify-CMS to render hugo shortcodes in the preview pane?

Hi @RT_Hinkel,

I might be off, but I’d not hope on the possibility to be able to load custom elements in the preview. The preview could be used for text/image and other content that a browser can display by itself, but the CMS is not going to be able to render your Hugo shortcode and show its output in the preview pane.

Darn. Thank you, I appreciate the input. I’ll have to make due with previewing the mermaid renders through other means.