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Netlify CMS on Eleventy/Jamstack

Hey, all is there a way to see the HTML generated by my Jamstack/Eleventy site? I am using the Udemy Adapter on Webflow to create a Netlify CMS/11ty site. The site deploys just fine on Netlify but I get an error trying to access admin(CMS) /admin from site root. I want to check if the correct files are present.



Hi @wolfyy970,

You could always download your deploy as mentioned here:

Thanks much.

I just checked the index.html for the Netlify CMS is there in the admin folder in addition to the config.yaml. The error I am getting is the following. However, I can see the config file - so not sure why it is not loading.

# Error loading the CMS configuration

**Config Errors:**

Error: Failed to load config.yml (404)

Check your config.yml file.

Looks like CMS is looking for the file relative to the root of your website:

Instead of keeping the file at /admin/config.yml, move it to /config.yml.

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Does Netlify have a file explorer that will allow me to do that?

Also the CMS documentation says it should be in that admin directory. So not sure why its looking for it in the root.


I moved it to root. Its still not finding it. Where can I see the error log you are looking at? Thanks.

Probably not, the page clearly return a 404:

No, you need to change the source and push it to your repo.

It’s the developer tools of the browser.