Netlify CMS not populating posts from Github repo hosting a hugo website

Hello there!

I am using blogdown in RStudio to publish a Hugo website using the wowchemy academic theme with Github and Netlify. I have followed the following procedure:

  1. Create a github repo.
  2. Clone it to a new R project using RStudio.
  3. Use blogdown to create a new site using the wowchemy academic theme in the local R project folder.
  4. Build and serve the site with blogdown to check everything is working on the local server. The site renders without any issues.
  5. Push the changes back to the remote GitHub repo.
  6. Integrate Netlify to deploy the site at the URL:
  7. Make Changes to local website files like creating and editing new posts in RStudio integrated with git bash, commit and push changes to remote Github repo with success.
  8. Then I followed the instructions at to enable the netlify CMS. All success until this point.

Now, after logging into the admin panel of the CMS I went to the Posts tab to create my first post using it. To my surprise, I see only a handful of populated entries from the original website. Anyways I went on to create a new post using the CMS successfully which got published on the website without any issues. But the majority of the older posts are still not reflecting in the CMS. This is how it looks in the CMS:

While on the Github repo I have all these posts:

What’s the issue and how could this be resolved?

Hi @noisyoscillator, I can see two possible reasons for this:

  1. You have a filter configured on the posts collection:
    pbhattacharyya/wowchemy_cms_tpl.yaml at bc9efc7ee72581a0919a48c050cf19de76d688d0 · noisyoscillator/pbhattacharyya · GitHub. See Collection Types | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System
  2. Your files have a markdown extension (the CMS uses md by default) so you’d have to configure it. See Configuration Options | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System