Netlify CMS Not Found after making repo Private

Hi all,
I’m just starting out with the Gatsby CMS Netlify starter and Netlify hosting, and having cloned this into my Github account, it all worked well. I then made a change by setting my Github repo private, and renamed it to something else, and also changed the repo to the new one in the deployment settings.

Now even though the build works fine, the CMS doesn’t load, and I get a “not found” toast message when i open the /admin page. In the browser console, I see:

“netlify-cms.js:308 Problem fetching repo data from Git Gateway”.

Not sure where to go from here, so any help would be appreciated!
Many thanks

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Try resetting your Git Gateway access token under Identity/Services in the Netlify admin console under the site if you have not tried that yet.

Here are the docs:


Thank you @talves, did the job!

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