Netlify CMS — How to create a seperate json file containing snippets of all my posts? for my "all posts" page


I’ve started rebuilding my website as a static site using Netlify CMS. Great so far, I’ve got the posts working. But right now, in order to create a page containing all the blog posts, I need to import every blog post in it’s entirety onto one page, which seems silly.

Is there a way of creating a index of all my pages with the relevant information for the home page and all posts pages. So whenever I make a new post with netlify cms, it creates the new post like normal, but also creates an entry in another json file only with relevant information. e.g. the title of the post, the post’s slug, and tags?

Hi @BeautifulDingbats, typically the index page and pagination is handled by your theme or static site generator. Is your repo public so we can take a look? Also, I don’t know of a way to have the Netlify CMS create a separate json file for you, but you can write a script to do this yourself if you needed to.

Hi @BeautifulDingbats, which SSG are you using for this site? I’ve got this setup using Gatsby and Netlify CMS, basically following the Blog Starter templates. Happy to point you in the right direction if you are using Gatsby.