Netlify CMS folder collection preview path without parent directory

Hello community! I have HUGO + Netlify CMS project and I need your help)

Lets assume I have collection set like this:

- name: "shop"
    label: "Shop"
    label_singular: "Product"
    folder: "content/shop"
    slug: "{{slug}}"
    create: true
      preview: false
    fields: ..........

And I have directory like this:

\-- content
    \-- shop

And URLs to these products look like this:

URL for shop page with list of products look like this: which is totally ok for me.

So, is it possible to set something in configuration that URLs to products would be without directory in path? Like this

Workaround for this could be not using folder collection and use separate file collections one for each product. But I assume this is very bad solution.

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