Netlify-cms - files disappear after saving and editing

I’ve got a persistent issue with netlify-cms:

If I create a post, save it, and publish it immediately, all works fine. BUT if I create a post, save it, then edit it again before publishing, any uploaded files are overwritten and deleted in the second commit.

  • Create a post with an uploaded file
  • Save the post - commit appears on github correctly
  • Edit the post
  • Save the post again - commit appears in github, but file has been removed

However, post-publication editing seems to work just fine.

I’m trying to create a minimal reproduction as the repo is private, but no luck recreating the issue so far. I’ll update this post with the results if I manage it. In the meantime, here is my config

  name: git-gateway
  repo: XXXX
  branch: master
    create: "Create {{collection}} “{{slug}}”"
    update: "Update {{collection}} “{{slug}}”"
    delete: "Delete {{collection}} “{{slug}}”"
    uploadMedia: "[skip ci] Upload “{{path}}”"
    deleteMedia: "[skip ci] Delete “{{path}}”"

publish_mode: editorial_workflow
media_folder: static/img
public_folder: /img
show_preview_links: false

"gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms": "^4.1.6",

Obviously this might not be possible to diagnose without a reproduction, but I’m just wondering if anyone’s had a similar issue, as I’m tearing my hair out!

Hi @rub1e :wave:

As you mentioned it is hard to figure without a reproduction. I can only recommend:

  1. Clear browser cache.
  2. Update to latest versions of CMS and Gatsby Plugin.
  3. Open an issue here, fill out the template and additionally share the browser network requests while saving the post again (the save that deletes the file).