Netlify CMS fields not updating according to config.yml file

I have recently made changes to a config.yml from this website file and deployed it on Netlify. However the fields are not updating accordingly. It is as if Netlify CMS got stuck on a previous version of the config.yml file.

This is a screenshot from the UI with a highlight of the field that is not updating. It should be called “Scripts” according to the most recent change of the file.

I have clear local and domain level cache, deleted and recreated Netlify Identity, but the issue remains. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m rather surprised you’re able to log in at all, since your identity widget is missing from your admin html.

Huh! I always wondered why I had to regenerate my Github keys so often. You seem to have solved another major annoyance I had. :slight_smile:

Nothing changes on the UI though as I still see the old fields =/

Oddly enough, if I login through the netlify address intead of my custom domain, everything looks normal.

That’s quite strange indeed. Have you tried redeploying with a cleared cache? You can do that with the button in your deploys tab