Netlify CMS + Docusaurus 2: API_ERROR: Repo not found

I’m trying to use Netlify CMS with Docusaurus 2 to set up my Organisation knowledge base.
I am following the tutorial here and all works fine until step 5 under Add Netlify CMS to your project. When I try to visit localhost:3000/admin, it requests to log in through Github, which I am doing successfully, but then the following error shows in the console and the whole process is frozen:

API_ERROR: Repo {repo_name} not found.

Please ensure the repo information is spelled correctly.

If the repo is private, make sure you're logged into a GitHub account with access.

If your repo is under an organization, ensure the organization has granted access to Netlify

The repo is a private repo under my organization and I have checked the permissions, the NetlifyCMS app has organization access.

Could you please advice how to proceed? I have seen that other people have struggled with this before (2 or 3 years ago), is there a solution for this in 2022?

Thank you!

Hi @chrissak,

I’m not able to find your account based on your forums username so my question is, are you using a starter account? Also, is this a private organization repo? You cannot use a private organization repo with a starter account so I would expect that to be an issue.

Here’s a blog post about it: Organization-owned private repository FAQ