Netlify cannot find my nameserver but i can find it through dig and whois


I am having issues with the automatic Netlify Let’s Encrypt renewal for my domain I have done some research and I have checked through all recommended solutions from Netlify but still haven’t found a way through. The issue is that the renewal ends in 4 days which will be an issue for me if I don’t get this solved.

Things I have done:

  • I have cross-checked from GoDaddy and I am sure the nameservers added are what was specified by Netlify.
  • I have also cross-checked with whois on my macOS terminal and I can see that the nameserver matches what was specified by Netlify
  • I have also cross-checked with dig on my terminal and the NS are the same and it’s receiving from the same NS

How do I go about this and what can I do to solve the let’s encrypt SSL renewal. I Will be glad if this can be treated as urgent

Link to the resource from the forum

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@okedeji Welcome to the Netlify community.

The problem is that the Internet doesn’t think that Netlify is hosting your files. My guess is that this is due to this DNS entry:

|======================= dig CNAME(s) for =======================
| ------------------------ ------------------------
| ------------ will be blank when using Netlify DNS -------------

If you get your DNS straightened out, the certificate should renew.

@gregraven Thanks for the response, how do I get the “DNS straightened out”?

What happens when you eliminate that CNAME record that points away from Netlify?

So this record is for a wordpress website the landing page is hosted on. Eliminating it will not give us access to the landing page through the domain I think

Btw, the record is added to 3 different subdomains

@okedeji Actually, that’s one apex domain and two subdomains. You have told GoDaddy that you are using Netlify for DNS, but then you are redirecting traffic to a WordPress install on GoDaddy, right? Keep in mind that Netlify / Let’s Encrypt cannot provide SSL certificates to sites that are not on Netlify. By redirecting your sites from Netlify to your WordPress install, I’m guessing you are making so Netlify / Let’s Encrypt cannot issue a certificate.

|====================== dig A record(s) for =====================
| -------------------------- --------------------------

| ------------------------ ------------------------

What role is Netlify supposed to play in your set-up?


@gregraven Sorry I said 3 subdomains, I used that loosely.

This is interesting as I will be glad to hear an advice from you.

the role Netlify plays here is more than just the landing page, we initially had our landing page on Netlify together with other domains like our dashboards and internal development tools. Later on, we decided to go with Wordpress for our site/landing page and that is the reason for the redirection.

Is this case, what do you think is the ideal way to solve this case in your experience. Again, we bought the domain from Godaddy but Netlify handles all of our DNS for other apps and subdomains, we hosted the wordpress alone with Godaddy and redirected the traffic from Netlify to Godaddy.

Btw, I checked GoDaddy now and I found this

Did ad instructed and GoDaddy is fine now but still the same error message on Netlify

@okedeji You’re not supposed to use Netlify just for DNS. Unless I’m missing something, the best best seems to be to use GoDaddy for your name server(s) and point it directly to your WordPress instance.

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So I just deleted the CNAME record for the apex domain after adding GoDaddy WordPress IP to Netlify A record I dig the CNAME now on the terminal, it looks like Netlify can find it now. I checked the Netlify dashboard and the issue/error message is still there. Please check the image below and let me know if all will be fine, maybe there are some cache somewhere

@gregraven Let me know what you think about the screenshot above

I think it doesn’t tell me why you are trying to use Netlify DNS for a WordPress site.

Per the Netlify terms of service:

Netlify DNS or AWS functions are strictly for use with sites deployed to Netlify. It is expressly allowed to have DNS records within your zone pointing to non-Netlify resources, but we expect that all zones you host with Netlify also have at least one hostname hosted by Netlify, and all functions hosted by Netlify are called primarily by a website hosted on our service.

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