Netlify cannot connect to Github to push commit folder build!

PLEASE help us help you by writing a good pos
User: mcv57
Cannot get Netlify to open Github to deploy repository build - Ooooops message only.
second attempt to deploy of commit folder in Git repository. No connectivity between Git, github, nor Netlify.

Hey there,
I’m not seeing an account associated with that username: shows a 404. Can you please share the Netlify URL of the site that you’re trying to publish? Or if you’re not able to create a site, can you please share a URL like the one above that shows your team name?

Hi Jen:

URL? I don’t have an URL - you folks never gave me one.

I have confirm with Github that my first student webpage DEMO was committed - all the files are with Github. The problem is with you folks. Netlify webpage login required a Github logon … that is where the problem is. Netlify can’t log me in because you folks claim there is a “AUTHENICATION CODE PROBLEM.” Github states that if I can login directly on their website then the problem is with NETLIFY!

What URL? Your Netlify DID NOT ALLOW me to log-on to your website to establish the PUSH of my NEWSGRID build folder WHICH IS WAITING FOR YOU IN GITHUB. If you ask me, your website has validation code problem. AGAIN, I cannot LOG ON TO NETLIFY because your webpage an authenIcation code communication problem with GITHUB!

Please telephone me, if I have to reiterate the problem I have with your webpage security.

Michael C. Valdivieso

Hi, @mcv57. It is part of internet culture that writing in all capital letters is considered rude. Please don’t do this when communicating with our support staff. Now, back to fixing this error.

The error is happening because there is an existing account at Netlify which matches the same email address listed for your GitHub user. The solution for this is to add the GitHub user to the existing account under the email address. Those instructions follow:

  1. Login to Netlify using the email address and password here:
  2. After logging in, add the Git host account to that user here:
  3. Logout.

Once this is done, the login using GitHub will be successful. If that doesn’t work or if there are any other questions, please let us know.


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