Netlify blocking outbound http requests?

Ok, this started out with another post regarding the Twilio Node.js SDK, but I have determined it’s an issue with ANY outbound http request I try to make FROM a Netlify function. Everything works locally with netlify dev, but as soon as I push my changes to git (which triggers a webpack build on netlify), everything fails without error. I have tried using node-fetch, axios, and the lower-level https library built into Node. Even a simple GET request fails using each of those methods once my app builds on Netlify.

At this point, I’m not sure what type of debugging or logs would be useful and am completely at a loss as to what’s going on. Could it be something in my build pipeline?

Solution ended up being that I needed to await the response of the request from any of these libraries.


Thank you for following up and letting us know, @sudoshuff :netliconfetti: