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Netlify Billing me without notice


A few days ago I reached 298 build minutes on my free plan. Shortly after, I received a message saying I was upgraded to a higher pack, by build minutes changed to 800. Still, nothing about payment.
Today, I have just received an email about payment and I am confused as to why I did not have the option to say NO. I could’ve gone that one more day until my cycle renewed, but netlify did not give me any option to say that I would not like to continue.

Please assist with what I should do with the extra bill I have gathered though I have not asked for it.


Just bringing this up again as I don’t want to loose my service and I’d like to get this sorted ASAP.


Hi, @PatN123. Actually, it isn’t true that you were not given notice. We do cover this in the Self-Serve Subscription Agreement which you agree to when signing up for Netlify. Quoting that page:

For Free Usage Tier Customers, if use exceeds the Services capacity applicable to the Free Usage Tier, Customer will incur and agrees to pay additional fees that reflect actual usage, as such fees are described in the terms of the Free Usage Tier description.

To paraphrase, when the limits of the Starter plan are exceeded, add-ons are automatically applied to keep the service active. We also email you in advance when you are reaching the limits of the Starter plan.

There is more information about pricing for the build minutes here:


The Starter plan only includes 300 build minutes per billing cycle. Additional build minutes are applied as an add-ons of 500 build minutes for $7.

I do see that we have also responded to a support ticket about this. If there are other questions about this, please let us know, either here or in the ticket - whichever you prefer.

Hi Luke,

Yes thanks for that. I will be more wary about it for future times!

Thank you.

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