Netlify Analytics for App Telemetry

When I heard the announcement, my first thought was excitement that I can replace Google Analytics on my web properties and consolidate services. However, I also use GA to track feature usage within some of the apps/plugins I distribute. It’s all general information like “how often does this button get clicked” type of data. I’m curious, having not yet signed up, would it be possible to replicate this tracking with Netlify Analytics?

My first thought was to create a handful of empty html pages that the telemetry handler would make requests to, under the assumption that on those urls I could equate page views to uses of the feature. For example:

  1. User clicks a button
  2. fetch request to
  3. See request to button-click.html in the graph

I’m fairly confident this ought to work, though tell me if I’m wrong.

The main unknown “bonus” feature I’m wondering about is whether query params are included and filterable in the UI. That would allow for an additional tricks like:

  1. User clicks a button
  2. fetch request to
  3. Filter only events from the onboarding view.

Does this seem… probably not “sensible”, but at least like something that would work and not be terrible?

If the button click leads to loading of an html file, we’d potentially present that data. The analytics are not exhaustive, so if that doesn’t happen more often than e.g. people read your top 15 blog posts, you wouldn’t see anything about the button click in your analytics.

Query string parameters are not currently displayed.

So - not sure that analytics is a good fit for tracking that, but I’ll definitely make sure the team still actively working on improving the feature sees this feedback so they can take it into consideration!