Netifly site won't load on subfolder in url


So I’m trying to get my ReactJS web app to work using your netifly. Everything is working correctly except that when I’m trying to access a subfolder in the url it doesn’t load the content. I have seen other people have been struggling with the same issue for their implementations (Can't access my netlify site / netlify site won't load), however, for their whole site not just a subfolder.

To reproduce the issue:

My netifly site name:

Since I don’t get any error messages and that it’s just pages under /post/ that doesn’t work it’s really hard to debug. I have implemented the _redirects file with “/* /index.html 200”. I tried to add another line within the _redirects file like this “/ * /* /index.html 200”, unfortunately with no success. Can it be some configuration within the _redirects file that is neccecary?


hi there, did you read through this already?


Yes, I’ve added the _redirects file and the site works except for the pages that are in a subfolder.

To clarify: works fine doesn’t work

Is there anything more than “/* /index.html 200” that I have to add in the redirect file to make the pages in the post subfolder work?

hey there, the page does load for me under that URL:

but i am noticing it is mostly blank and there are some JS errors you need to remediate in order to get it to work properly.

Hi Perry,

Before publish it to netlify I tried it locally and I thought it worked as it should so I was 100% sure that it was the Netlify config that was incorrect. However, as you pointed out I had some issues with the page itself.

Thanks for you assistance.

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great. glad its working!