net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID with Custom Certificate

Hello !

I’m having a little a issue with a project:

I’m trying to setup a little page for a client, on a subdomain he owns.
I already have a HTTPS express server as the backend running, and I am simply running a React frontend on ecstatic-hoover-25d21d.

Although I imported the right certificate on my backend and on netlify, I keep getting the net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID when I try using the app on the frontend.

I don’t have an issue using HTTPS through Postman though, any idea of what’s happening here ?

If you were trying via Chrome, be aware that it “helpfully” caches failed SSL status for awhile, and doesn’t re-check to see if a certificate has since become available. I see it working well now, if you don’t, could you tell me which node you connect to? (what IP address returns the error in chrome)?

Chrome isn’t showing any IP when im looking at the network tab, but I do know the IP i’m trying to connecting to ( :

Site’s working for me over in the UK, on Safari, @anas.elmhamdi :+1: Are you still encountering issues?

Yeah I figured it out : turns out it’s a bad idea to call the API over the raw IP, i just replaced the API with a subdomain we own and I’m good now.

Thank you guys for the help !

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For future reference, there is no steady IP you can use for our service except our load balancer, All other addresses are subject to change at any second, and we regularly remove nodes from rotation during maintenance and upgrades and when they are attacked or when traffic patterns shift.