Need to remove DNS A record for my domain

For “” Thank you!

hi there, did you try removing the entry already? did it give an error? if so, which one? thanks.

When I try to create an A record I get:
dns_api - 400 - link exists, all config must be empty.
I don’t see where I can remove it and I saw a post making a similar request.

great, i can see that is a site already hosted by netlify. If we remove the A record so you can create a new one, your site will go down. Is this acceptable? Otherwise we need to know what to set the record to so we can avoid downtime.

Can an A record exist for (my blog) and a A record for (my private chat server) at the same time? I may be misunderstanding DNS records.

The second A record would just point to my server IP

If you can remove leaving in place that’s what I’d want. The third DNS record on this page isn’t removable for some reason.

Sorry to be a bit slow to respond! Just got that removed for you.

Thanks for your help!

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