Need help to transfer project


I need help to transfer a project from my free Netlify account to my client’s new free Netlify account. Inside the project settings it only offers the possibility to transfer to a new team or existing teams I’m part of, but not any option to transfer to another free account.

On the Netlify github issues they recommend to ask for help on this forum. I hope an #admin can help me out here.

My Netlify instance I want to transfer is, primary domain being, and my client’s email address I can provide through dm.

Thanks in advance.

hi there, here is a guide that might prove helpful:

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Hi Perry,

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve followed that topic and the link towards the docs it provides, but it doesn’t apply. My case is a transfer sites between teams with no shared Owners or Collaborators. So, my client’s team doesn’t show up for me to transfer towards, unless he upgrades his plan and adds me as a member.

Since we don’t want to go that route just to transfer the site I reached out through this forum since that was recommended to me to do on the Netlify Github issues page.

Now I see there is a Support page where I can open a ticket and request help through that channel.
I hope that will do the deed.

I’ll update you guys here on any news regarding this transfer topic.

hi there, not sure if you are on a paid team and were able to get through to the helpdesk, but in any case, I opened a support case so you’ll get a response via email from a support engineer to help with this transfer :slight_smile:

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Through the Support channel the Netlify team helped me with the site transfer.

They asked for a couple additional questions and for confirmation. Once confirmed it didn’t take more than a day for the transfer to be completed.

Thank you Netlify Team for your fast and amazing support! :slight_smile:

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