Need Help Hosting a Site for 공인중개사 자격증 (Certified Real Estate Agent License) on Netlify

Hello Netlify Community! :star2:

I’m currently working on a website project focused on the “공인중개사 자격증” (Certified Real Estate Agent License) in Korea. I’m relatively new to using Netlify and have a few questions I hope you can assist with.

  1. Localization Support: The website will primarily cater to a Korean audience. Are there best practices for ensuring localization support on Netlify, especially for Korean text and SEO optimization?
  2. Form Handling: We’re planning to include a registration form for prospective real estate agents to sign up for classes or inquire more about the certification. I’ve read about Netlify forms; would this be suitable for our needs? Are there any special considerations for handling Korean input data?
  3. SSL & Security: As users will be inputting personal information, security is a top priority. How can I ensure that my site remains secure? Is the SSL certificate provided by Netlify sufficient?
  4. Performance: Speed is crucial for our users, especially those accessing the site from Korea. Any recommendations for optimizing site performance, considering most of our target audience will be accessing the site from Korea?

Any advice or guidance would be highly appreciated! If there are other users who’ve built projects focused on Korean audiences, I’d love to hear about your experiences and any tips you might have.

Thank you in advance, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this community!

@finance, please refer to: Seeking Advice for Integrating 부산출장마사지 Website with Netlify - Support - Netlify Support Forums

But your specific answers:

  1. It’s totally up to you ans your code to handle this. Netlify won’t do anything from its end to make it better/worse.
  2. Korean data should work with Netlify Forms
  3. Yes, it’s sufficient for most cases, if you have any special needs, let us know and we can discuss
  4. Optimizations would highly depend on the technology you choose to build your application with. Once you finalize that, we can advise better.